S   W   A   R   M   I   N   G       Y   O   U
W   I   T   H      P  O  S  S  I  B  I  L  I  T  I  E  S


A   B   O   U   T

D   I   S   C   O   V   E   R   I   N   G
B   E   E   C   O   M   B

Founded on the idea of breaking through barriers of time and distance amidst our busily hectic lifestyle, Beecomb aims to provide innovative and time saving solutions to consumers and businesses with the implementation of handheld mobile technology.

With the application of our vast expertise and experience in both exhibition and IT, our team will deliver pioneer solutions that will not only revolutionize, but also transform businesses and the industry as a whole.


A   P   P   R   O   A   C   H

Embracing and incorporating technology has become one of the GREATEST solutions to give traditional businesses a new light to extend their reach.


This shall be achievable through:

Creating a world without boundaries for both businesses & consumers through an E-platform for traditional exhibitions & expos.

Creating an easily accessible and user friendly platform with the implementation of mobile technology to create solutions for businesses and widen their reach to consumers and potential markets.

Providing an alternative to the consumer market to address limitations in  – TIME & DISTANCE.

Increasing transactions for exhibitors in sales that are not only limited to physical trades, but through an online platform that facilitates purchasing and payment.

To set up a three way DATA COLLECTION platform to gain insights and raw data from organizers, exhibitors and consumer purchasing patterns.


S   E   R   V   I   C   E

E   -   C   O   M   M   E   R   C   E       P   L   A   T   F   O   R   M

As consumers change their buying behaviour, businesses are required to adapt as well. With the emergence of many online buying platforms such as Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, many businesses are turning to online alternatives to supplement their physical sales. While exhibitions allow for greater product exposure, business owners are still bogged down by the amount of stock and inventory made psychically possible to transport to event halls. Thus, our platform will enable for exhibitors to sell their items, without the hassle of costly transportation fees. In addition, products buyers will not only be limited to visitors who are physically present at the exhibition, but opened to all, regardless of their geographical location.



With our specially developed platform, your business will be able to connect with consumers regardless of your geographical location. Imagine a convergence point without any barriers that allows for people from all over the globe to not only know about your company, but also its products.


In order for businesses to thrive, lead generation is an important factor which allows for companies to surpass their competitors. Businesses and vendors will be able to get an in depth understanding of their business transactions, allowing for detailed analysis of their sales conversion ratio. This will empower sales personnel with the knowledge needed to maximise their closing rate through the provision of products and services based on their customer’s specific needs. With the implementation of our customized CRM system, it will allow for systematic segregation of leads, driving more sales and higher conversion rates in return.


Consumer Data has become a valuable tool for marketers and businesses to better understand the current needs when it comes to launching a new product or service. Due to the fast pace development of mobile technology, consumer trends are constantly being altered. Thus, through our in depth data analytics, we are able to provide businesses with vital consumer behavioural statistics and data, allowing them to target and engage with potential prospects.


While buying and selling items are just a Point A to Point B affair, interactivity is an added advantage when it comes to the current consumer trends. Allowing for customers and clients to interact with business owner will provide them a sense of security, especially during online purchasing. Enquiries, product specifications and other related questions can be addressed through a push of a button, filling the void and bringing business owners and their clients closer.

W   H   Y

B   E   E   C   O   M   B

T   H   E      R   E   A   S   O   N   S

W   h   y       B   e   e   c   o   m   b

The digital age is already upon us, thus many businesses are already changing the way they engage with consumers.

The barrier of Time & Distance is slowly beginning to breakdown, with new possibilities made achievable through technology.

Consumer behaviours are also affected by the current up rise in technology, where a large amount of information is obtained online via smartphones and handheld devices.

Traditional businesses are required to adapt in order to stay relevant to the market, while opportunities are made available for those who ride the technological wave.

Our state of the art CRM will give businesses a significant advantage when it comes to sales performance via leads generation.

A one stop convergence point has been established for businesses and consumers to interact through our E-Commerce platform.

C   O   N   T   A   C   T

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